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What is the difference between
 insurance fraudsters and
counter-fraud professionals?

The fraudsters talk. The professionals
fighting this issue, don’t.


If you're a counter fraud professional in a UK insurer, broker or aggregator, why would you not sign up to a FREE platform that will help you, your company, your customers and the industry??

No Office Walls is the answer.

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I fully support what NOW is striving to achieve.

Insurance fraudsters are mobile and look to exploit weaknesses across the market. Combatting fraud will be most effective if insurers work together and share information.

The foundations of cross-industry collaboration have been laid through the establishment of the IFB and IFED. It will I hope become a long-term and irreversible trend and NOW can help to achieve this goal.
— Mark Allen, Fraud & Financial Crime Manager , ABI

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Fraudsters still have the upper hand and cost the UK economy more than £190 billion a year. They don’t work within company or financial boundaries, so whilst the Insurance Industry continues to do so, how can we further tackle this problem?
— No Office Walls