What is the difference between
 insurance fraudsters and
counter-fraud professionals?

The fraudsters talk. The professionals
fighting this issue, don’t.

It is no secret that communication needs to improve between counter-fraud professionals in order to combat this issue, yet there hasn’t been an easy, effective and secure way of doing this until now. 

Meet No Office Walls: the tool that the insurance industry has been waiting for. NOW is a community based portal for all counter-fraud professionals, NOW provides an invaluable bank of information such as current trends as well as industry wide experiences and knowledge. The best part is that the people that matter populate this information; the people that deal with these issues everyday, the counter-fraud professionals.

How does this give me  access to Counter-Fraud  Professionals?

No Office Walls is offered FREE to the Insurance Industry to encourage an inclusive environment and genuine industry wide collaboration, creating a large unlimited network of Counter-Fraud Professionals.

No Office Walls offer Industry Service Providers the ability to advertise to this network, extract trend analysis and provide content to the site including surveys and questionnaires.

How much access will I have?

It is vital to the success of NOW that the platform and its contents remain strictly for Counter-Fraud Professionals in the Insurance Industry. Sponsors will not have direct access to view the platform or directly engage with its users, but will benefit from the following:

What can I submit to the NOW platform?

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Surveys
  • Other content to  post in our Sponsor content areas to promote your business, products of services.
  • Advertising space
  • Content and Advert analysis
  • Trend analysis including key topics and discussion trends

Supporting the industry

Becoming a NOW Sponsor has many commercial advantages however, possibly the greatest benefit is the moral message.

You will be actively contributing to the industries fight against insurance fraud whilst gaining all of the commercial advantages NOW has to offer. 


We will work with you

The industry needs this platform and needs your sponsorship.

Our aim is to make the marketing elements of this as valuable as possible so you can derive as much benefit as possible.

The relationship with our Sponsors is important and we value your feedback. We aim to evolve our offering to provide you with the greatest possible advantage.

What is NOW?

Watch our video to learn more about No Office Walls and sponsorship...

Fraudsters still have the upper hand and cost the UK economy £1.3 billion a year. They don’t work within company or financial boundaries, so whilst the Insurance Industry continues to do so, how can we further tackle this problem?
— No Office Walls

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