What is NOW?

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Why NOW?

Our industry has spent too long fighting fraud with financial benefit in mind.  

NOW is the time to step-forward as a community of skilled, knowledgeable professionals and challenge insurance providers to fight fraud for the benefit of their customers. 

This is our responsibility. This is a new way forward.

How does NOW work?

As a Counter Fraud Professional within the Insurance Industry, you are invited to join the NOW community for FREE and begin to actively contribute to the tool by sharing your challenges and successes, contributing to discussions and creating content such as blogs, whilst benefiting from the information, knowledge and experience of other contributing community members. The more our community members contribute,  and the more the tool is utilised by the industry, the greater the benefit will be to us all. 

Let’s share our knowledge

It is no secret that we need to improve communication in order to combat this issue, yet there hasn’t been an easy, effective and secure way of doing this until now. 

Meet No Office Walls: the tool that the insurance industry has been waiting for. NOW is a community based portal for all counter fraud professionals providing an invaluable bank of information such as industry wide experiences and knowledge as well as current trends and industry news, all of which help us to better safe guard our industry.


The Insurance Industry is a hugely attractive target for fraudsters, and that brings a number of challenges to building an effective response, as the volume, speed, and complexity of attacks can be overwhelming. There is no one single solution, no magic bullet software tool , to cure all ills.

The objective should be a culture that recognises this as a shared problem, for the industry, for its customers and wider society, and a culture that stands united in rooting criminality out.

Having worked for a number of years in the fraud investigation space, there is no doubt in my mind that effective collaboration is the foundation to build from, and so I applaud the creation of No Office Walls, this is a hugely positive step in the right direction.
— DCI Oliver Little, Former Head of IFED


The best part is, it’s the people and experts who deal with these issues every day that provide the valuable insight. People like you!

NOW can help you communicate with your industry to better safeguard against insurance fraud by by providing you with access to:

  • Public discussion boards
  • Private messaging
  • Insight articles
  • Industry specific blogs
  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Networking directory
  • Latest news


How is NOW funded?

Our unique business model means that NOW is available to you completely free of charge. 

NOW is funded by our Sponsors who are made up of Industry Service Providers; the companies that offer fraud prevention/detection products and services to the insurance industry. In return for their sponsorship, these companies are able to advertise their relevant products and services to you on the platform, extract trend and market analysis and post surveys and marketing research materials.

They do not have access to any of the platforms content or community members.

All marketing and advertising both input and extracted from the platform is vetted and controlled by No Office Walls Ltd.